1. The guarantee covers defects in the products caused by material defects and/or manufacturing defects.
  2. The guarantee services are provided by the Manufacturer upon the Customer’s presentation of:
  • The original VAT invoice as proof of purchase
  • The faulty product (complete)
  • Service application with a description of the defect
  1. The guarantee is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase indicated in the original proof of purchase.
  2. A product exhibiting defects and faults must be reported directly to the Manufacturer. A detailed description of the problem and the original proof of purchase must be sent with it. All costs related to transport, safe packaging, insurance and other risks shall be borne by the Customer.
  3. Defects revealed during the guarantee period will be removed by the Manufacturer within the time period agreed by the parties, but not longer than 14 working days counted from the date of acceptance of the product for repair by the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer will send a replacement product for the duration of the repair if the Manufacturer has one in stock.
  4. The Customer has the right to exchange the equipment for a new one if:
  • The Manufacturer makes four major repairs during the guarantee period and the product continues to exhibit defects that prevent its use as intended.
  • The Manufacturer states in writing that the removal of the defect is impossible.

When replacing a piece of equipment with a new one, the equivalence of the missing components or damaged by the Customer and the cost of their replacement shall be deducted.

  1. If it is not feasible to replace the product with a new one in accordance with section 6, the Customer is entitled to a refund of the price paid.
  2. The guarantee does not cover:
  • Accidents occurring during transport and handling and damage caused thereby.
  • Damages or malfunctions caused by misuse or abuse of the product, negligence of the customer or use of the product contrary to the instructions for use or safety regulations.
  • Mechanical damage to products and defects caused thereby.
  • Damage or malfunctions resulting from fire, flood, lightning or other natural disasters, war or civil unrest, unforeseen accidents, corrosion, rust, stains, normal wear and tear from use or other external factors.
  • Equipment which has been tampered with or in which alterations, modifications or repairs have been carried out by persons other than the Manufacturer.
  1. The decision of the Manufacturer regarding the validity of the reported defects is final.
  2. The Manufacturer will not be liable for guarantee service if the required repairs cannot be performed due to import/export restrictions on spare parts and/or other legal regulations or unforeseen circumstances preventing the repair.
  3. All defective products or parts that are replaced become the property of the Manufacturer.
  4. The Manufacturer does not give authorisations or guarantees in respect of the products, except as expressly stated herein. In no event shall the Manufacturer be liable to the Customer for loss, damage or destruction of the equipment resulting from any cause other than defects in the equipment and shall not be liable for damage caused by defects in the product. In particular, guarantee entitlements do not include the customer’s right to claim reimbursement of lost profits due to product failure.
  5. In matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions of Guarantee, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.